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Are you tired of greasy pots and pans? Stubborn kitchen stains? Messy sponges and sprays? Me too. I wish the sun would devour the earth.
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January 17, 2013


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LEGO Minifigures


LEGO Minifigures

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Animated GIFs and surreal mechanical heads by Sholim aka Milos Rajkovic

Artist on Tumblr

The Animated GIFs of surreal mechanical heads the Serbian artist Milos Rajkovic, aka Sholim, based in Belgrade, who creates animated collages happily mixing famous people and advertising icons with elements of many different photographs…

via Asylum Art.
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Dan Tobin Smith's sweeping color gradient installation

Dan Tobin Smith's sweeping color gradient installation in his London studio is a sight behold. he wanted to create a huge installation out of thousands of unwanted objects. The result, The First Law of Kipple, opens in a couple of weeks and some early images of it suggest he’s turned all that waste into something rather beautiful…

Tobin Smith has assembled the 200 square metre installation in his studio as part of London Design Festival 2014. It is made up of thousands of objects that he has collected and that have been donated by the public via the website

The objects are arranged chromatically and have been laid out across the studio floor with such care that the colours blend into one another seamlessly: reds flow into browns, pinks and purples; sea greens into shades of turquoise and dark blue.

When it opens on September 13, visitors will be able to walk through the work via a series of pathways.

via Asylum Art.
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Wooden Cityscapes Sculpted by James McNabb

Like other miniature cityscapes we’ve featured in the past, The City Series depicts tiny skyscrapers made out of unusual materials. But that’s where the likeness to other exhibits ends. McNabb describes his artistic process as “sketching with a band saw.” Each element of the exhibit displays intricate building-like forms shaped from woods of different light and dark tones. McNabb says his initial intent was not to build skylines, but individual wooden pieces which resembled tools or other strangely familiar objects. After he built nearly 250 of them in a day he noticed that they began to resemble a miniature city, and from there The City Series was born.

via Asylum Art.
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You guys have all been very supportive of my Benton garbage, but calamityjonsaveus and his wife may have just knocked my socks off forever.  I got this cigar box in the mail today with some new itinerant Bentonites inside.  I’m DYIN’.

Also, I love how Jon just taped the top hat on the Chima head.  Makin’ It Happen  Also: using toggles as fezes!  I’m dyin’!

This made me smile when I really needed it.  Thanks, Jon & Kate!

I am a good dude to be friends with if you like well-thought out presents in the mail, I will say that for myself.

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Pages 3 and 4 of a scary story series. Words by Candy Sue, pictures by me.

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A series of comics with These Guys was reposted on the other tumblr recently, and I knew that they would definitely have been gamergate guys.

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American farmer, Tony Dighera, has produced thousands of pumpkins in the shape of Frakenstein’s Monster. He spent four years and over half a million dollars finding the perfect variety to shape. He nicknamed them Pumpkinsteins.

um actually the monster is Frankenstein’s Monster, the pumpkins are Frankenstein’s Monster’s Pumpkins

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